Thinking about how to keep your house clean? Some people would plan to spend a Sunday to clean their house. If your home is a major investment, maintenance is the most important thing to consider. It may be a daunting chore especially for a new house owner who has never cleaned or maintained things all alone. There is no need to worry. The house functions according to the seasons. The spring is the best season for cleaning up. If you are a newbie in house cleaning tasks, you can make use of seasonal home maintenance checklist easily present on the internet.

During springtime, most of the people will be eager to clean the closets and open the windows. It is the time where you can give a deep look from outside to inside. Follow these home improvement tips and make your house function similar to a well-oiled machine.

  1. Spring cleanup: It is recommended to start your cleaning process from the entrance or outside area of your home. There would be a lot of leaves piling up near your flowerbeds or under the hedges. It is possible to safeguard your plants from drought and maintain weeds away by using a thin coating of mulch. Ensure to check the outside faucets for damage. If you are thinking to hire lawn service professionals or clean up your lawn, you have to renew the annual contract.
  2. Trees: Do you have trees within your property? If so, approach a certified arborist for finding out symptoms of illness or accumulation of dead branches that could spread problems. Such issues can become major and destroy the tree. It is necessary to contact experienced and trained person since an untrained person could not find out the signs of damage. A dying or dead tree remains completely harmful to you, your family members and also neighboring properties.
  3. Hedges and lawns: Before summer, ensure to reseed the lawn and fill the bald patches. Plant the perennial and water sufficiently. After a certain time in spring, the grass would turn bright green and lilacs bloom. You can then plan to fertilize the lawn.
  4. Make use of lawnmower: All these days, you would have been using snow blower. Ensure to store it back in a safe place.  Add a stabilizer and drain fuel in the lawnmower. Also, clean and check the parts and motor. Pull your lawnmower and give a complete check before grasses grow long. It is necessary to tune up the lawnmower on yearly basis.
  5. Inspect outside your home: When you walk around your house, you can observe various things. You can check whether the driveway is in good condition, look out for cracks in concrete, foundation,and façade for cracks, and also marks of water pooling. Ensure to check the chimney for any signs of wear.
  6. Paint: The exterior paint helps to give a new look to your house. It safeguards your shingles from rot and water damage. It is necessary to check for chipping paint or peeling signs.

Hope you find these tips useful and helpful in every way. If you wish to share more suggestions, kindly comment below.

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