Most people connect spring cleaning with house cleaning tasks like scrubbing floors, straightening closets and sprucing up cabinets. However, spring is the best time to make use of home maintenance services for routine maintenance.

Remember, home cleaning tasks different from one location to another. In the coastal regions, spring maintenance tasks include checking generators and preparing hurricane shutters. In the Midwest and North regions, people check for damages caused due to bad weather and ensure to perform repairs to remain prepared for the forthcoming year’s snow. In such scenarios, it is recommended to approach home improvement contractors, since they know how to deal with the issue and whom to approach for rectification.

We have drafted a seasonal home maintenance checklist that you should perform this spring for various good reasons.

  • Clean the gutters: The gutters should not have holes. The downspouts should remain attached and removes enough water from the house. It is the most affordable and valuable methods for homeowners to safeguard their homes from several elements. Clogged gutters would lead to mosquito infestations, mildew,andmold from rotten leaves and various other issues. Ensure to check do it yourself tipsfor the maintenance and cleaning of gutters on the internet. You would get a lot of tips to make it completely functional and useful.
  • Service your air conditioner: It is recommended to approach a top air conditioner service and maintenance company for servicing your air conditioners. If you have prior experience and knowledge regarding its service, you can do it on own. Wash or change the filters. Ensure to do this on monthly basis. Clean the condenser from outside and dust the coils. If there are any shrubs attached to the unit, trim it completely. The drain line should not be clogged. Replace the furnace filter and keep it ready for the summer season.
  • Ensure windows are sealed: If you wish invite cool air and keep water out, you need to seal the windows. It is necessary to replace weather sealing or caulking to achieve this.
  • Clean the roof: It is one of the most important tasks which you should focus while cleaning your house. It is recommended to hire a professional to perform this chore. Algae cause ugly back stains on the asphalt shingles. It not only looks unattractive but does a lot of harm to your family. These black stains eat your roof and spread all around the neighboring roofs. So, it is necessary to contact a professional to get rid of it completely.
  • Declutter: it is sure you would be storing lot of items in your house. Remove the things that you do not use. It includes cleaning the basement or garage since you would store most of the less used items here.
  • Declutter  the paperwork: Ensure to add this point to your regular home maintenance checklist. It is hard to find   the important document in the last moment or when we actually need. So, it is best to organize on regular basis and maintain in right place.

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