Painting Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners prefer to install vinyl siding on their home exterior wall for many reasons. Vinyl siding is a factory made material that is highly durable and requires less maintenance than other types of finishing. Despite being very durable, they can get faded due to constant exposure to sunlight and other harsh elements. The good thing is that you can paint the vinyl siding to extend its life and good look. Coat of paint can act a layer of protective barrier to the vinyl siding. There are few rules and limitations that you should keep in mind when you want to paint your vinyl siding.


Almost all the reputable vinyl siding manufacturer offers a warranty to their products. If your vinyl siding comes with manufacturer warranty, then you should check whether painting will void the warranty or not. Even if the painting does not void warranty, you should check whether the manufacturer has set conditions and norms for painting the vinyl siding.

Using Primer

Many people have a different line of thought when it comes to using the primer. Some professionals use the primer in almost all cases, while some start with primer only when the situation demands or recommended by the manufacturer. For example, in some cases, the use of a primer is highly recommended if the siding shows the signs of severe weathering and deterioration. If you are not sure whether to use a primer or not, you should read the instructions and recommendations provided by the paint manufacturer. Some paints are formulated to use with primer, while some are not.

Thermal Expansion

Vinyl siding is designed in such a way that they slide back and forth along with the substrate material that expands and contracts due to weather condition. During the cold weather, the material contracts, so you would see some color gaps between the siding panels and this is normal.

Choosing Safe Color

The color of the paint can decide the life of the vinyl siding. Each type of vinyl siding has a specific rate of heat absorption. Dark color paint can absorb more heat, which will significantly affect the quality of the vinyl siding. So, choose the paint color that is not darker than the color of your vinyl siding.

Use Appropriate Tools and Supplies

Many reputable paint manufacturers make special paint for vinyl siding. These paints are marked as vinyl safe, which does not absorb much heat. Many of such paints contain a blend of acrylic resins and urethane to offer better adhesion and flexibility. You have to make use of appropriate tools and supplies for finishing your painting project. The tools that require for painting are as follows:

• Garden hose
• Laundry detergent
• Oxygen bleach
• Painter’s tape
• Brushes with soft bristles
• Masking material
• Paintbrushes
• Paint rollers

Before you start painting, you should clean the surface of vinyl siding using the cleaning solution. Cleaning helps to remove the dirt and grime on the surface. After cleaning, allow the siding to dry completely. Before painting the surface, cover or mask the trim, windows, and doors with painter’s tape. With proper preparation and precautions, you can complete the painting project with complete success.



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