My husband and I bought our dream house after years of saving and scrimping. A few months into living the dream, spring came along and bought crashing down our vision. Little things around our humble abode began to cause problems. Those little things turned to bigger problems when winter made its appearance. Before the issues could become insurmountable, we decided to call in a home maintenance service provider. Little did we know the rude awakening we were about to get. Buying a home is not the end of the journey. One has to repair it and maintain it regularly otherwise it falls in disrepair.

We wanted to ensure that no one else gets the same jerking wake-up call. Therefore, we started prudentialgeorgia.com. We curate information on how to improve a dwelling, on how to keep it clean in different weathers and when to call in the cavalry for repair. To this end, the website gives DIY procedures for problems that can be solved at home. For issues that need a professional, we give you details on the best repair service providers. The blog ultimately provides tips and tricks to keep any residence in spick and span condition.