The majority of the Americans would dream to own a beautiful house. Apart from owning the house, it is also important to regularly take care of and maintain the house. By following the right cleaning and maintenance methods, you can avoid several expensive repairs.

Like routine health check-up, it is necessary to plan a home maintenance schedule. It helps in wellbeing and upkeep of the home and the residents. Check the exteriors, heating and cooling, security, plumbing, appliances, and electrical systems. This way you can prevent breakdowns, save unnecessary expenses and keep the home at its best.

Seasonal home maintenance checklist to maintain the house in best shape!

Every month:

  • It is a good idea to replace or clean air conditioner filters and furnace as required. Clean the kitchen drain using a homemade solution or a commercial product. If you do not have enough time to perform regular maintenance tasks, get in touch with home improvement contractors and sign up.


It is the traditional time best for deep cleaning. There are several professionals offering home maintenance services,especially during spring. They refer it as spring cleaning services. Apart from giving the house a new look and moving the furniture, ensure to focus the following parts.

  •         Dust and test all detectors
  •         Add fresh batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  •         Inspect kitchen and bathroom caulk. If required, ensure to recaulk
  •         Clean gutters
  •         Check attic for leaks
  •         Check roof for damage
  •         Replace or repair damaged window screens
  •         Install screens and remove storm windows
  •         Check masonry and siding for damage
  •         Check the exterior paints. If needed, you can do touchup on own or hire a professional.
  •         Clean kitchen exhaust filter and hood
  •         Check fire extinguishers
  •         Plan for air conditioning inspection by approaching a top mechanic.


Summer means playtime. You do not have to bother much about household chores. However, there are certain tasks that should be performed for better maintenance of your house.

  •         Vacuum refrigerator coils
  •         Check for activity by wood bees, ants, termites,and other pests
  •         Inspect crawl areas or basement for moisture problems
  •         Check the foundation for drainage issues like grading issues and clogged downspouts
  •         Reverse ceiling fans


Fall is almost like spring season. It means you need to do a complete check of your house to maintain a better infrastructure. Some of the simple maintenance tips for the fallseason are as follows:

  •         Vacuum refrigerator coils
  •         Check fire extinguishers
  •         Dust and test all the detectors
  •         Add new batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  •         Schedule furnace inspection
  •         Cover or remove window air conditioners
  •         Insulate exposes pipes are required
  •         Have flues and chimneys cleaned and inspected
  •         Check the roof for damage
  •         Switch off the outdoor water supply, take away and store hoses
  •         Clean the leaves and yard debris
  •         Store and cover outdoor furniture
  •         Trim shrubs and trees away from house
  •         Check caulk around doors and windows. If needed, recaulk
  •         Clean gutters


During winter, you need to remain cozy and safe inside your home. If possible, you can do few maintenance tasks as mentioned:

  •         Test sump pump
  •         Change the ceiling fans direction
  •         Check toilets and sinks for leaks
  •         Clean dryer vent
  •         Vacuum refrigerator coils
  •         Test GFCI outlets
  •         Clean the filter and hood of kitchen exhaust

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