Roofs are one of the integral parts of your home. You have to consider many things, when you want to choose the color of roof shingles. Keep in mind that the life of the roof can last up to 20 years. It means you must stay in with the same color for two decades. So, be wise on choosing the color of your roof shingles. If you have no clue about choosing the right color, then you may go through this article further to read our tips. We asked Express Roofing for their best advice!

Contrast Color

The color of the shingle can brighten up the look of your home exterior. Choose a contrasting color thatNew black shingles goes well with the color of your exterior walls. If you are looking for a traditional setup, then you may go with brown, gray and black. You can also mix different colors for a striking appeal. Choosing the color that is the same as your walls can make your home look so dull.

Architectural Style

You should take the architectural style of your home for consideration when choosing the color. Have a look at the houses in your neighborhood to find out which color will go well with your home’s architectural style. You can also search the Internet to get more ideas in this regard. There are many websites, where you can find plenty of photos of houses with different colors of shingles.

Cool Roofing

If your house is situated in a region, where warm climate prevails most time, then you can consider installing cool roofing. This type of roofing can lower the attic temperature, thereby saving electricity bills and extending the life of roofing materials. If you don’t wish to install a cool roof, then you can install shingles in white or any other light colors that have a greater tendency to reflect the sunlight. Dark color shingles are a great choice for a house that is located in the colder region as they absorb more heat and keeps your house relatively warmer.

Check Your Residential Neighborhood

If your house is part of any local house owner association, then you have to read the association rules carefully to ensure that the choice of color does result in a violation. Even if there are no rules, it is better to choose a color that coordinates with the roofs of your neighbor’s houses.

Talk To Certified Contractor or Roofer

There is a significant rise in demand for roofers in recent years. There may be many roofing contractors in Chelmsford MA. But it is good to approach certified roofers than the non-certified ones. Try to browse the catalogs of different roofers to get more ideas. If you are unable to find a certified roofer, then you may visit a hardware store in your vicinity, to get more ideas about the shingle samples.

Shingle Style as Design

Shingles are not only available in different colors, but they are also available in different shapes and designs, which can be effectively used to decorate your roof. Shingles are made of different materials such as clay, slate and wood. Each material has its list of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them would help you choose the right material for your home.

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