An air conditioner has become an inevitable appliance for many homes, usually in regions where summer is prominent. An air conditioner helps to keep the interior of the home cool and comfortable. This appliance is a complicated electrical machine that has lots of moving parts. Even a minor malfunctioning in any of the components can significantly affect the overall performance of the entire unit.

As the summer approaches, it is necessary to check whether your air conditioning unit is working in good condition. It can be frustrating to find your air conditioner failing to work when the summer is at its peak. This is why you should hire a certified AC contractor, who can take care of your AC unit in a periodical manner.

There are many strong reasons why you should hire a certified contractor for all your AC repair and maintenance needs. An accredited contractor is someone, who has undergone proper and rigorous training to work as a qualified professional. As a homeowner, you can expect reliable service from a certified contractor than a non-certified one. You can search the online business directories or other online resources to find the list of certified AC contractor in your area Or skip that and call affordable heating and air

Now let us list out some of the common problems which cause the AC to suffer a breakdown.


Faulty Wiring

Wires help the AC unit to receive the electricity or power for functioning. When the wires are haphazard or shotty, your AC unit can face severe problems, which can even put your life under risk. For example, wiring problems can result in a fire accident, which can cause damage to life and personal property.


Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a chemical solution that is responsible for cooling the AC unit to prevent overheating. Reduced level of coolant can result when there is a leak in the refrigerant system. It is not so easy to detect the actual location of the leaks. A certified AC contractor can handle this job with utmost ease. You should never try to fix the leak and recharge the refrigerant system on your own. The refrigerant is a harsh chemical that can cause health problems, when not handled properly.


Exterior Fan Not Working

The fan that you see outside of the AC unit is responsible for transferring the heat from inside of the home to the outside. If the fan does not function properly, then heat transfer does not take place, which causes the compressor to experience heat damage.


Frozen Coil

If the coil is frozen, then it indicates that there is some problem with the airflow. The frozen coil can also be due to the low refrigerant level.

Air conditioner units need to be operated regularly to ensure its longevity. Keeping the AC unit turned off many months continuously can increase the risk of malfunctioning or sudden breakdown. So, do not forget to operate the air conditioner unit occasionally during the winter or colder days. Hire a contractor for regular maintenance, which can prevent the chances of costly repair in the future.




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